About me

Hello, my name is Andrew, I'm the owner of Andrew's Rocketry Shop (ARS)
In 2014 I wanted to do something to give back to the rocketry community. Everyone has been so nice to me in model rocketry, by helping me to start, and to keep encouraging me when something wouldn't work fully, and so I wanted to start this business as a thank you, and also as a learning experience in business, marketing, and sales. I then started planning out my business, and I created a rocket kit prototype.

Unfortunately, this all got delayed until early 2017 when I started working on it again. I then designed another rocket and I built a prototype, tested it, wrote the instructions, etc.
By late 2017 I had someone who would carry my rocket kits.
So, I released the first rocke in December of 2017.
Since then, I have released several kits and plan to do so in the upcoming months, watch this website and our Facebook page for details.

Why should you buy our rocket kits?
Our rocket kits are the highest quality on the market for the most reasonable prices.
We try to outdo our competitors by adding more high quality parts, while still matching their prices.
Go check out eRockets.biz and check out our kits.